EPIPHANY [The Bridge #9] – Chicago, Oct. 31 – Nov. 16 2017

EPIPHANY [The Bridge #9]

Mike Ladd – improvised poetry/lyrics, EMS Synthi
Mankwe Ndosi – voice, poetry, story, texture
Sylvain Kassap – clarinets, electronics
Dana Hall – drums, cymbals

Concert dates :

10/30 — IceHouse, Minneapolis, MN
feat. guest Douglas R. Ewart (woodwinds)

11/01 — Doug Fogelson Studio, 8.30pm
celebrating Samain

11/02 — Elastic Arts9pm
Improvised Music Series
feat members of Asian Improv aRts: Tatsu Aoki (bass), Jonathan Chen (violin, electronics), Jaimie Kempkers (cello) & Kioto A. (taiko drums)

11/03 — DuSable Museum6pm
concert for the opening of visual artist Fabiola Jean-Louis’
“Rewriting History: Paper Gowns and Photographies”

11/04 — American Indian Center6pm
The Bridge to Native Chicago – part 3

10/05 — Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, WI, 7pm
Alternating Currents Music Series

11/06 — Elastic Arts9pm
Anagram Music Series
Set 1: Mike Ladd & Mankwe Ndosi + Damon Locks (voice, samples, electronics) & Wayne Montana (bass)
Set 2: Sylvain Kassap & Dana Hall + Nick Mazzarella (alto saxophone) & Clark Sommers (bass)

11/07 — The Promontory8pm
w/ Khari B. (spoken word)
double bill with The Regulators: Mike Allemana, Matt Ferguson, Greg Dowd

11/08 — Constellation9pm
feat. guest Jason Stein (bass clarinet)

11/09 — Strobe Recording, 8.30pm
 public session with Katie Young (bassoon), Emily Biesel (clarinet), Zach Good (clarinet), Eli Namay (bass) & Ryan Packard (drumsà

11/10 — The Logan Center for the Arts7.30pm
followed by a discussion and Q&A

11/11 — Corbett vs Dempsey, 3pm
Mike Ladd solo

11/11 — ProMusica8pm
live public recording

11/12 — Diasporal Rhythms, 12pm
noon performance

11/12 — The Stony Island Arts Bank, 4.30pm
feat. guests Yaw Agyeman & Gira Dahnee

11/12 — Co-Prosperity Sphere, 8pm

11/14 — The Whistler9.30pm
Steve Berry (trombone), Keefe Jackson (tenor saxophone, clarinets), Sylvain Kassap (clarinets), Nick Macri (double bass), Isaiah Spencer (drums)
Nick Broste ( trombone), Sylvain Kassap (clarinets), Tim Stine (electric guitar), Christian Dillingham (double bass), Charles Rumback (drums)

11/16 — Krannert Art Museum, Urbana, IL, 7.30pm
Sudden Sound Series


Like all the ramifications of musicians put forward by the exchange and alliance networkThe Bridge, this ninth formation is a story about (re-)putting into play, and (re-)putting in common, of parties involved, sparked off by desire, by good pleasure, and a few initial branchings.
For several years, and after experiencing all the history of contemporary jazz in France and in Europe, Sylvain Kassap has been collecting meetings with Chicago musicians, in a duo with Hamid Drake, or for a multiple-input project with Nicole Mitchell, or along Edward Wilkerson Jr. during a thundering visit in Illinois in June 2013… Until the idea for this quartet progressively expressed itself: “The orchestral color of this quartet is, to my knowledge, unprecedented, and unheard of: two voices (working on two very different expressions), a clarinettist, and a drummer. This opens a space for a rare work between timbres and rhythms, improvisation and creation of a repertory, it allows the combination of current free jazz and the influences of today’s written contemporary music.” This conjugation of stories and adventures in the present tense, decidedly and resolutely, seeks to set off, under the lights of the clarinet, the meeting between the transcultural singing of Mankwe Ndosi who, between Tanzania and Midwest, soul and free, works and is worked from within by different vocal and verbal traditions, to forge her own, necessarily hybrid; and the chanted, hammered or sung speech, the spoken flow of Mike Ladd, who’s got as many vocal chords to his bow than the multiple meanings that can be found in spoken word, slam, and rap when they’re in direct connection with high level poetry. An inaugural confrontation took place in Montreuil, in October 2014, in anticipation being joined by Dana Hall, ubiquitious drummer and Director of Jazz Studies at DePaul University, who names among his sources of inspiration and improvisation John Carter as much as Jimmy Giuffre, Andrew Hill as much as Richard Wright, the African Diaspora as much as the Second School of Vienna, the AACM and the plurality of worlds… That is to say he’s the most formidable organizerof rhythms and relations, the man of the situation. In October 2015, they turned everything inside out on their path in France. In November 2017, they will be straight down to brass tacks in Chicago.
The Epiphany tour is supported by Experimental Sound Studio, the Ministère de la Culture et la Communication, La Sacem, Le FCM , La Spedidam & Intencity.

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