November 27 & 28

For the time being, we are forced apart, a long way from one another’s land, islands, countries, and utopias. Though we cannot bridge that gap, though we cannot fake the tangible presence of things and beings, we can still send out signs. Cross through the waves. Make shapes appear and songs be heard.
The Bridge, with two among its dearest partners on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, is organizing two mirroring evenings of concerts, one from Chicago and Constellation on November 27th, the other from Pantin and La Dynamo on November 28. 


The Bridge : Separatist Party

November 27 – Constellation – Chicago

Marvin Tate – voice
Ben Lamar Gay – cornet
Mike Reed – drums, electronics
Nolan Chin – piano, keyboards
Jakob Heineman – double bass

The Bridge invited Mike Reed a to form a team of Chicago improvisers, to celebrate all the French-American exchanges that have been developed since 2013. 

Concert at 8pm (Chicago time) – 15$
Livestream & broadcast on Constellation’s website


The Bridge : Les amis américains

November 28 – La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues – Pantin

Claudia Solal – vocals  
Benoit Delbecq – piano
Joëlle Léandre – double bass
Bernard Santacruz – double bass
Reverse Winchester 
Mike Ladd – vocals
Mathieu Sourisseau – guitar
Three pairs of kings and queens of free improvisation, three absolutely pacific duel duos, between six residents of the Republic and six citizens of the worlds, reunited to underline an absence: that of the American friends. For these three duos that now exist on their own were first formed on the margins of the experiences, on both sides of the Atlantic, that Benoît Delbecq, Mike Ladd, Joëlle Léandre, Bernard Santacruz, Claudia Solal, and Mathieu Sourisseau lived as part of The Bridge’s transatlantic exchanges. Each and everyone of them were part of French-American motley crews of musicians.
Therefore, reuniting them on the same night, welcoming Delbecq’ and Solal’s veils and unveilings, Léandre’ and Santacruz’s ploughing and whirling, and Ladd’ and Sourisseau’s spoken-sung-played open fire, is not only paying tribute to their spirit of continuity, but also calling out to those who are not there, to the American friends, who are right now on the other side of world. In the hand of a world to reinvent.

Concert streamed live by La Huit – stay tuned for the streaming link
Will be the basis for a documentary to come at a later date



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